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badoo-e1407834359426“Acunetix is a great tool for web application security with great small features for network audit.”
Stanislav Eremin, Lead Engineer, Badoo



“Acunetix has proven to be an extremely reliable, useful and time saving tool, which assists our business in maintaining our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation. Our developers love the detail within some of the reports and the management summaries are also valued.”
Michael Pickett, Product Architect, Groupcall, UK


Reed-Exhibitions-e1407838251336“Acunetix is a great tool that I've now embedded in the development life cycle here at work.”
Ben Schofield, QA Manager, Reed Exhibitions, UK


Sunlit Technologies - Brazil“… Great functionality with higher performance, faster speed, lower number of false positives. Support for HTML5 websites is fantastic …”
Antonio Carlos Scola, Sunlit Technologies-Brazil


Comguard HD Logo“... impressive to work with … to have such a tool that can scan for numerous vulnerabilities to keep our website and server safe is like a boon. The scanning options and the reporting tools are extremely intuitive which will help in analyzing more bugs/vulnerabilities during the scan … with DeepScan technology and support for mobile-friendly websites we can help developers and security people design their websites in a much more secure way …”
Mayur Champaneri, Technical Specialist, Comguard


"I had used Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner (WVS) a couple of years ago to determine how much it could help my vulnerability assessment efforts, given I was formally trained to pen-test networks and hosts but knew little about web and database apps. I tested a few products, including some from HP and IBM.Having used Acunetix WVS further this year, I was especially impressed since it performed a remarkably detailed and capable scan with very little effort. Reporting is comprehensive, absent of too many false positives, and Acunetix WVS produces neat and understandable reports. The layout is intuitive enough to start basic testing and yet the product is wildly powerful, leaving you room to do so much more."
Dave Wood, Datacom, New Zealand


"As an independent web application vulnerability and penetration testing consulting company, Datalynx has invested significant amount of time and resources to offer our customers state-of-the-art professional service in this field. Acunetix was chosen as a major commercial testing tool after comprehensive research and testing period before the service was launched to the public. Now, when our service is well established and stabilized, we can say that the choice was the best possible. Acunetix is fast, reliable, flexible and able to minimize false positive and negative findings. AcuSensor technology also brings us a completely new kind of tool for testing, which helps us to identify otherwise hard to find security vulnerabilities in our customer target systems.In addition to traditional web application security testing, Acunetix has proven its power and flexibility to quickly identify major risks in an environment such as SharePoint, PKI and Citrix. Automated testing with fully configurable attack vectors by Acunetix brings our customers added value and help them to protect their most valuable information assets."
Serge Faller, Datalynx AG, Switzerland


"Acunetix is a key point in our application's security strategy, it's integrated with the QA process, allowing us a cost effective way of detecting flaws that can be solved early within thedevelopment life cycle. Its  toolkit also facilitates performing of manual tests. After trying many others, we can say that it is the fastest one and has the best relationship between findings and false positives."
Pedro Andujar, ING Direct, Spain


“The use of Acunetix WVS has allowed us to schedule regular automated scans on a host of sites under the Betfair Group umbrella, providing invaluable visibility in capturing vulnerabilities early in the SDLC.”
Jan Ettles, Betfair.com, UK


"Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is very unique to the market. The reporting tool is very advanced and gives accurate information, which of course is critical when selecting a tool for web analysis. As a professional security advisor, it is good to see that Acunetix overrides other similar products. I was used to using a Linux distribution for mycompany, to perform all similar activities, but Acunetix has shown me that it can take a stand in the market. You have developed a tool that is needed by security experts all over the world. Keep up the good work."
Ole Thorsen, X-Nett, Sweden


"As a Penetration tester, Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner makes the most tedious and recurring tasks a breeze, cutting down on time requirement and raising the quality of the test by making sure I do not miss a single script or parameter. Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is a complete frameset for web application penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, including the manipulation and forging of HTTP and HTTPS requests, fuzzing, brute forcing and automation. The integrated automation engine allows me to quickly create special customised attack scenarios and to directly on an existing infrastructure."
Thierry Zoller, TELiNDUS PSF, Luxembourg


"I've been developing PHP software for over 5 years both professionally and as a hobby. During that time you learn a few tricks to make your software secure but the larger the project, the more likely potentially critical security flaws could creep in. As my main project increased in popularity, more security issues were being discovered so while looking for solutions to this problem I came across Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. In a matter of minutes this program can report critical security issues, potential security holes, broken web links and more. If you're serious about security in your professional applications or if you're running a large website and want the piece of mind that there aren't any backdoors that could compromise yours and your visitors personal information then this software is for you."
Dave Conley, blazefans.com, Nottingham, UK


"Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is one of our most useful tools in discovering security holes. It's a great product with a great support staff."
Ken Cunliffe, Security Pros LLC, USA


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